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Meet Joli Zahra Drevitch

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Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

As a child, I was physically fit and had the notions of setting a goal to be the best at all things physical I attempted. In my experience, once I put the work in, no matter the amount of attempts, I was best at everything I could get my hands on. Excelling at everything and yet, I still was fighting this insecurity of how muscular my body had formed. Teased for my “manly” shape only further pushed this beautiful spirit into hiding. Over the years, this athletic goddess arose from the depths and turned that self-hatred into self-love. I, now, walk this journey spreading life and love into everyone I see. This amazing feeling of self-fulfillment and confidence comes from being physically fit. Fitness is a lifestyle and I would love to embark with you on your fitness journey.


 As a female trainer, I’ve set upon this journey to empower all women to love themselves in mind, body, and spirit through fitness. I fully understand the uncomfortable pressure from society to feel as if we need to alter our bodies to feel attractive. I am here to show you, you are your own body goals and expectations to your standard of beauty. I will take you on this journey that will change the way you look at yourself in the mirror. You may even fall in love with yourself and all your talents to show that warrior that was always within you.

My Vision

Here at Zahra Fitness, You have a safe place to workout without fear of judgment. Whether it be at the appointed location or at home, The Z-Tribe supports one another's fitness goals, struggles, and milestones. We prioritize the foundation of self-love, self-empowerment, and inner strength. As I continue on my studies to obtain my BA in Sociology, my goal is to connect people with people through fitness. We are a different kind of "fit". We do not care about perception. stereotypes, and insecurities. We are our Authentic Athletic selves. 

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