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The Revolution

What is the Revolution?

As the world stands still all eyes are focused in on Black Lives. We have endured years of systematic racism and it’s time to take a stand. With the power of my ancestor I have used my platform as a Black trainer to embrace the culture that has been continuously discredited for our achievements. This revolution is a moment in time to allow to my Black Strength to authentically shine. To empower those around me to see the true power they have even when the worlds challenges seem far to big to face. We all have the power to create change.


Along my journey, a revolutionist himself, Amir captured a striking photo of me showing nothing but vulnerability and Black strength. This photo now stands proudly on 18th Street and Mandela Parkway in Oakland, California setting the stage for black Power. Together we are change.


What Can You do?

If you want to show up for the cause but are not able to protest in the streets, there are many ways to engage, from educating yourself to volunteering, spreading awareness and donating money. You can help by supporting small Black and Brown Mom and Pop shops to just speaking out for those who are on the other side of the justice system. We all need to stand up and use our voices to advocate for those who have been silenced or are not able to stand up. We are stronger together, Let's show the world how strong we can be!

Click the button below to see how you can help!

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